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The domain WSW bearing make

The domain WSW bearing make

The special Purpose bearing used for oil field 

 The bearings used for oil field produced by our company include slop pump bearing,slewing bearing,and water faucet bearing and Tianche bearing etc,we have supplied above bearings to Lanzhou oil machinery and Baoji oil machinery and Chuan oil machinery,the machines with our bearings have been exported to oil field of Middle East.Our bearings are widely used in Zhongyuan oil field,Jilin oil field,Xinjiang oil field.The largest slewing bearing produced by our company for 375 dial is 2687/1049.

The bearing used for ball grinding machine 

 The bearing used for ball grinding machine produced by our company is mainly spherical roller bearing.The representative specifications are 239/555/W33,239/695/W33,239/895/W33,230/1000/W33,Above bearings are still used after 4 years running,which provide the guarantee for the improvement of ball grinding machine structure,and save the energy sources for mines,cements,porcelain ect.which use the ball grinding machine.
We would like to improve the old structure of ball grinding machine for domestic and foreign manufacturer and the factories which use ball grinding machines,make our own contribution for the energy sources saving.

Double row inch taper roller bearing used for latex plastic four-roller pressed extending machine

It composes of one double raceway inner ring and two single raceway outer ring.The clearance should be pre-adjust accroding to the requirements of customer,the precision of bearing is equivalent to 4 level stipulated in ISO492:2002 standard.
At present,our company has developed 17 specifications for latex plastic four-roller pressed extending machine.The size range is from inner diameter Ф210mm to Ф479.425mm, Outer diameter is from Ф300mm to Ф679.425mm. The rotation precision is:Kia 0.01mm.

Spherical plain bearing used for water conservancy 

 Our company and Dalian Sanhuan compound materials technology company have developed more than 200 spedifications of spherical plain bearing with all kinds of compound materials and structures,the inner diameter is from Ф40 to Ф530mm,the bearings are used for the key parts of domestic water comservancy.The bearings can bear both the radial and axil force,reduce the vibration and save the space.The sele-lubricated bearings have been used for LiaoNing Baishi water conservancy,Hunan Wanmipo water conservancy,Hebei Huangbizhuang reservoir and famous SANXIA water conservancy,chain block etc. In which,GE300HFZ1-2RS is used for hydraulic pressure closing machine.The bearing GEW460HFZ2 is used for the arc door wring of Hebei Huangbizhuang reservoir,GEW530HFZ5 is used for the arc door wring of Huanan wanmipo water consercancy.

Non-standard bearing

 The non-standard bearings produced by our company are famous by its special structure,high dimension precision,high rotation precision small quantity and high difficulties,now we own more than 200 specifications.Wafangdian Metallurgical Bearing Group Company can specially produce and design the non-standard bearings with small quantity and multi types according to requirements of customer.We will try our best to solve your problems,provide our best service,contribute for you company’s development.

The single row sealed cylindrical roller bearing for vibration grinding machine

The basic structure of inner and outer ring are same with NJ type cylingdrical roller bearing,but there are several round lock grooves on the outer face of outer ring,the locked ring locates in the groove.There is round shape cage guiding groove on the part of the round face of inner ring against the stress groove,the cage is unitary structurer with multi rollers,with the identity of convinient assembly,high load capacity,high load capacity,high rotation speed,high reliability and long life ect.
Now our factory has produced 5 specifications of LSL192320、LSL192322、LSL192324、LSL192330、LSL192334,the bearings will be further used for high load and high rotation speed part of Crusher and Vibration Machine. We had got the patent ceritificate for above bearings,the certificate No is Zl 00 2 52821.5.

The bearing used for rolling mill

The type of bearing used for rolling mills produced by our company are four fow cylindrical roller bearings,double row cylingdrical roller bearings,four row taper roller bearings and the double row angular contact ball bearings matched with cylingdrical roller bearing,which can bear the axileforce.Demension range:diameter of inner ring from Ф110mm to Ф800mm diameter of outer ring from Ф170mm to Ф1220mm.Recent years,we are keeping to research and adapt the new heat treament process and manufacturing method,which improved the bearing life a lot and meet the requirements of our customers.

The split bearing used for cooling machine

The bearing is spherical roller bearing,the outer house and its sealed parts are,the outer ring,cage and rolling elements and inner ring are splited.The tapered sleeve structure is convenient for assembly and unloading,It is the precedent for domestic cooling machine to adapt the split bearings,created more convenience for the customer,obtained double benefits.
The bearings are used for Tian Steel Group,the cooling machine of Chongli Steel bar workshop.

The single row inch taper roller bearing for tramcar(thin thicknewss type)

The outer structure is same with single row taper roller bearing,but the thickness of rings is super thin and double pieces are used together.The clearance depends on the manufacturing.
The bearings are used for 150 tons tramcar.We designed the bearing for domestic production which solved the problem of easy transfiguration,difficult to adjust the clearance.Now this type of bearings are produced in large quantity successfully.

The split single row cylingdrical roller bearing

The outer ring and rolling and cage and inner ring are splited,which make it easy to unload for the long shaft.This type of bearing is very difficult for manufacturing and the clearance measuring.It is non-standard bearing.
At present,our company has produced two specifications,GR140 is used for water agitating vehicle,Y-2010 is used for the balancing equitpment of steel plant,the basic dimension is Ф620× Ф820×380.

The slewing bearing 

 The slewing bearings produced by our company include ball bearings,cross roller bearings with inner teeth type,outer teeth type and seal type,the bearing can bear the combined load and the big reversal moment.This type of bearing need high rotation precision and high transmission mesh precision.
Now our company has produced more than 30 specifications slewing bearings,mainly used for china block and excavating machine,construction machine,port machine etc.

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